What is an Open-Air Photo booth?

The open air photo booth is an event within your event. A photo area will be set up with a backdrop, lights, umbrellas – just what you would envision when you think of a set for a photo shoot. Guests will be photographed laughing, crying, hugging, making funny faces, making memories that will last a lifetime! Our professional photographer will capture the ridiculous, the sentimental, the genuine moments that make your event memorable!

Why is the open-air photo booth better than a static photo booth?

The traditional photo booth is a charming, nostalgic idea but limits the guest interaction. Unlike traditional photo booths, our open air Photo booth allows for large groups & families to fit into one picture and it can be set up just about anywhere! In the more traditional photo booth people are all jammed into a booth, With an 10’ wide backdrop you won’t have to worry about cramming everyone into a booth and having cutoff faces and uncomfortable poses. The booth fits up to 10 people and gives you the freedom to get as creative as possible. Your images are displayed on a 27” screen so that all the guests can see the photos live. With this live setup, the booth actually becomes part of the entertainment. Instead of receiving a strip of pictures, guests will receive high-quality images taken by a professional photographer.

What requirements do you have have from the venue?

We need a 12'x12' spare, access to electricity and a table for the props – we supply the rest!

My event is outdoors – what are the limitations?

Outdoor venues are subject to limitations of electrical power supply and weather. As long as you supply access to electricity, we are good. If your event is outside and the weather that day of prohibits the set up outside, we are happy to move to an alternate indoor location. If we are not able to set up in your original desired location due to electrical issues, we will do our best to set up in another location. We are always available to do a walk through prior to your event.

What type of backdrop do you use?

We offer a variety of paper or fabric backdrops – please inquire about our selection.

What happens after the event?

After the event, we upload all of your pictures to an online password protected gallery. We will send you an email with a link to your gallery. You and your guests are able to access all of the photos taken at your event. Your photos will be available for your guests to download, post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or printing two days after the event.

Do we get a copy of all the photos?

Yes, we will provide the event owner with a link to all images taken during the event.

What if someone takes a picture that I do not want online?

Please send us an email or give us a call and we will remove the photo from the online gallery.

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